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Todays Kocaeli

Kocaeli, being an industrialized city, is an area where 69.9 % of the Gross Domestic Product is produced in the industrial sector. The Chamber of Industry in the city has approximately 300 member entities, which are particularly concentrated in Gebze, Izmit and Körfez. 18 of the top 100 industrialist companies of Turkey are located in Kocaeli. Major and leading companies such as TUPRAS, Hyundai Assan, Ford Otosan, Honda, Anadolu Isuzu, Pirelli, Goodyear, Pakmaya, Aygaz, Milangaz, Petrol Ofisi, Kordsa, Çelikkord, Nuh Çimento, Marshall, Polisan, CBS and Mannesman Boru operate in the city. On the other hand, Kocaeli holds a share of 13 % of the national and foreign trade volume in terms of the manufacturing industry.

Reviewing the share in Turkey of the critical industries operating in Kocaeli; the chemistry industry holds the top rank with the share of 28 %, which is followed, respectively, by hardware, automotive, machinery and stone- and earth-based industry. Approximately 10 % of the entire national electricity consumption is allocated to and utilized by the industrial operations in Kocaeli. The industrialists in Kocaeli, who employ the advanced technology for their production operations, thereby increased their opportunity to compete in the global scale.

Kocaeli hosts over a hundred foreign - capital industrial businesses, among which the German investors hold the top ranks in terms of the number of businesses. Furthermore, there are 12 organized industrial zones, 7 of which are currently operative, in the city. The economy of the town also feeds off on the huge contribution of, as well as the industrial entities concentrated, the scientific research and development centers located therein. Kocaeli University, leading the squad, and Sabancı University, which is geographically adjacent to the area, Marmara Research Center, Gebze Institute of Technology, TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), TSE (Turkish Institute of Standards) Central Laboratories, TEKMER (Technology Development Center), TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Techno-Park, GOSB (Gebze Organized Industrial Zone) Techno - Park and KOU (Kocaeli University) Techno - Park are among the entities and institutes accelerating and supporting the technological development of the industry in the town. Kocaeli has been holding the top rank, nationally, In terms of the income per capita for a decade, with a figure that is two and a half times the average income per capita realized Turkey-wide. On the other hand, the town holds the second rank nationwide in terms of the overall budget and tax contributions, with a share of 17.41 %.

Geographical Position of Kocaeli:

Kocaeli located in the section of Çatalca-Kocaeli in Marmara regionbetween n East longitude 29°22'-30°21' and North latitude 40° 31'- 41°13'. There is Sakarya province in East and Southeast, Bursa province in South, Yalova province, the Gulf of ‹zmit, Marmara Sea and Istanbul province in West and Blacksea in North. . East longitude of 30° is considered essential for Turkish local time. The surface area of Kocaeli is 3.505 km2. It is located over an important road junction United Asia with Europe.The Gulf of ‹zmit, which is a natural port, is a busy seaway. ‹stanbul Provincial border on the northwest passes through the East of Kemiklidere flowing between Gebze and ‹stanbul. ‹stanbul-Kocaeli border in Southwest ends on the lands of Yalova across the Gulf of ‹zmit. The line passes through the hills of Samanl› Mountain forms Bursa border. The border reaches Sakarya Province in the shores of Sapanca Lake near Maflukiye.

a) Mountains

Samanl› Mountains begin to rise from the West bank of Sakarya River and extends until Bozburun in the North of Pamukovaand ‹znik Lake. It has an overlooking position over ‹zmit, Sapanca and Adapazar› depression fields. The summit of the Samanl› Mountains is Kartepe (previous Keltepe) in 1,601 m height. The other important mountains in the province are Dikmen Mountain (1.387 m), Naldöken Mountain (1.125 m), Naz Mountain (917 m)and Çene Mountain (646 m).

b) Plains and Plateaus

There are many small brook valleys in the province. Plains are generally in quality of small alluvial level areas formed by the drifts of streams. The valleys which were formed by the streams flowing into Blacksea appeared before the tectonic movements that caused reshaping of Kocaeli Peninsula. On the other hand, stream valleys flowing into the Marmara Sea appeared after the tectonic movements.

c) Streams

A part of the streams rising in the land of province reach to Karadeniz, the other part reaches to Marmara Sea. Theridges of the mountains extending in the Kocaeli Peninsula are nearer to the Gulf of ‹zmit and Marmar; therefore the streams flowing into Blacksea are longer. Riva (Çaya€z›) brook that rises from the Tepecik village in Gebze is 71 km in long and flows into Karadeniz in the East of Bosphorous. Kocadere is 50 km in long. Kirazdere that rises from Samanl› Mountains flows into the Gulf in ‹zmit.

ç) Lakes

The surface area of Sapanca Lake is 47 km2. It is surrounded by Uzuntarla, Maflukiye and Eflma towns. The artificial lake that is located behind the Kirazdere Dam lays over a land of 1,74 km2 Yuvac›k Dam Reservoir was constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to meet the need of water for people.

d) Climate

Climate is mild in the shores of Gulf, harsh in the mountinous sections. Hot and less rainy in summer in the center of province and rainy, sometime snowyin winters. The highest temperature measured is 41,6°C (11 August 1970. Climate in the hillsides Samanl› Mountains open to the Gulf resembles that of Karadeniz shores.

e) Flora

Flora in Kocaeli generally has characteristics of Marmara Region. However there is difference between shores The spacesbetwen the Samanl› Mountains and Karadeniz shores is covered with thick and hygrophilous forests. Maquis specific to Mediterrenian climate is seen in the North and Morthesasy of the Gulf of ‹zmit.


The most important factor of its industrialization is having all transportation opportunities. The transportation of land andnetwork of railways happens especially with Europe and Middle East and the sea transportation through ports has been increasing recently. Being close to important trade and industry centers like İstanbul and Bursa makes Kocaeli important and priority city for investments. İzmit, the city center of Kocaeli, is 85 km far away from İstanbul.

Kocaeli opens out its door with Atatürk Airport which is in west side of İstanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airport which is in the east side. Kocaeli connects to Ankara through TEM motorway. International Atatürk Airport is 90 km far away and International Sabiha Gökçen Airport is 50 km far away from Kocaeli. It is the inmost place for sea transportation in Anadolu with 5 state ports (Derince and Yarımca) and 35 private landing stages.


İzmit Sekapark: In Sekapark, which is actualized as a first industrial transformation area, is a coastal complex which could be used for having a rest and doing sport. There are a huge artificial grass hill 15 m high and 150 m size, the biggest skateboard in our country, artificial sand beach, multi functional landing stages, a platform of concert and perform for over one thousand people , hundred thousands m2 grass area, 6 thousand trees, 23 km pedestrian lane, 1600 m bike lane and a car park with 800 cars capacity. There are also cafes, meat and fish restaurants and a grass field. In this beautiful area you can have a rest, do sport and eat something with your friends as well as you can get on the net with the connection of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

Derince Wonders Coast: Derince Coast is facility which is 30.000 m2 . In this coast, there is Derince Wonders Coast where attract attention from all ages. Inside it, there are fable characters, dinghies in the big pools, small marina where remote controlled yatch can be used in and waterfalls. In this fantastic charmed and fun area, there are three cafes look like Noah's Ark and dinosaur; two restaurants look like a mushroom and a pirate ship, 3 canteens look like little mushroom. It is possible to get there through both land and sea route.

Gölcük Kavaklı Coast: There is everything you need to have fun and spend wonderful time with your family or friends in Kavaklı Coast, which is 81 square meters, such as 2 football fields, 2 tennis courts, basketball and voleyball fields, 2 grandstands for 800 people, decorated pools, a walking road, a fisherman retreat, an amphi theatre, a children playground, a funfair. It is not only the most favourite spot for the local public but also elite place for celebrations and ceremonies.

Başiskele Coast: It is a big pleasure to have a cup of coffee or tea and watch sunset in Naila Café in the coast which is 2185 m long and at the end of the gulf in Başiskele District. It is on the Gölcük way. In early morning people do sport in the cost facilities. It is really nice to have breakfast in the morning there and have lunch or dinner there in the afternoon or in the evening.

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