Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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Thanks to its geographical integrity of its infrastructure and the rapid development caused by intensive industrialization and modern work conditions, Körfez has become the industrial center of Kocaeli, where the heart of Turkish economy beats. Körfez, which is located on the East coast of İzmit and only 17 km away from the city center, has an economy predominantly depending on industry. TÜPRAŞI, the biggest industrial enterprise and petro-chemistry facility of Turkey, operates in this district. Körfez, hosting many important factories also makes a strong impression with
its fruit growing, mainly cherry. The cherry of Yarımca region is famous.

Hereke Silk Carpet Hereke built its real reputation with silk carpets. These very precious carpets woven from Bursa silk easily found buyers for them both within the country and abroad. In silk carpets, average number of knots per squarecentimeter is as high as 100. In some very thin and precious carpets, number of knots per square centimeter exceeds 400. In these carpets, there are mostly rose, clove, tulip and plum tree motifs. Some carpets feature different compositions consisting of enframed inscriptions in the old alphabet or animal motifs placed between flower motifs.