Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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It is located on the Southern shores of the Gulf of İzmit. It was seriously damaged by the earthquake of August 17, 1999, however it dressed its wounds in short time with the help of our people. Gölcük is an original navy town. Having the Fleet Command and Gölcük Dockyard, which is the most comprehensive dock in Turkey, have given momentum the development of
Gölcük socially, culturally and economically. Değirmendere town of Gölcük is famous with nut, İhsaniye with Sting and Golden apples and Halıdere with beans growing since from Ottoman Empire period. There is a spa in Yazlık town left from Roman-Byzantine period.

The primary sightseeing spaces of Gölcük: Resort Area of Gözlementepe, Caravanserai relics in fiirinköy, Graveyard of the martyres of the Boat disaster on 1 March 1958 at Dumlupınar Quarter, Çınarlık Square in Saraylı, Sultanbaba Tomb and protected old Turkish houses in Örcün Village of Değirmendere town, Trout Facilities in Nüzhetiye village and cascade, Kadırga Resort Area in Yazlık towm. The most qualified beech trees in the worl are in Gölcük.Fleet Command To Turkish Naval Forces only a few ships having restricted operational powers bequested from the Ottoman Stat A substantial part of the ships interned in the Golden Horn during the War of Independence and cruiser Yavuz was transferred from İzmit to Tuzla by the English Controlling Commission on account of blocking traffic in the Golden Horn. As a requirement of Lausanne Agreement the Straits Region was in a neutral statue. Thus it is decided on constructing a port which will be a bas efor the fleet and the feasibility studies were made about the appropriate places in the Gulf of İzmit. In 1923 two commands were founded in İzmit and the headquarters of the commands were transferred into a building bought from the French. By the legal arrangements made later on the Fleet
Command was deployed at Gölcük. War Fleet Command whose headquarters are in Gölcük-Kocaeli is the main element of Turkish Naval forces. The fleet has 19 frigates. Turkish War Fleet Command is the symbol of speed, resistence and firepower.