Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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History of Dilovası, which is located on an important junction, dates back to old times. In 297 BC the Gulf of İzmit and its surrounding was occupied by Bythinia Kingdom. According to the historicle sources Diliskelesi that is the biggest quarter of Dilovası is the oldest settlement of the town. The town came under dominations many times of The Turks, primarily Anatolian Seljuks Sultanate. In Otoman period it changed hands three times and finally controlled by the Turks in 1419 definitely.

The region was used to be as pier for passing to Hersek, located on the other side of the gulf. In recent times Project of suspension bridge between Diliskelesi and Hersek Promontory under the name of Gulf Pass Bridge has been developped. Fortress, old pier (Diliskelesi) and Mimar Sinan Bridge are the the Works left from ancient empires. Dilovası is a region experiencing migration rapidly. The people coming to Dilovası with the expectation of employment and food has also brought the cultures they have had in their homelands. In the region the people came from East Anatolia, Blacksea, Marmara, Caucasia and other regions have been lived together in peace.