Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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Derince which heavily bears the industrial characteristics of Kocaeli, is one of the centers that carry Turkey's industrial load, with business centers in addition to large industrial organizations. Derince, 8 km. to İzmit, due to the roads providing passage between İstanbul and Anatolia, also bears an important load of Turkish sea trade with Derince port that has the effect of decreasing the traffic and transportation of Bosphorous and Dardanelles in Marmara Sea. Derince with a population of almost 200 thousand has an area of 398 km2'. The district located on the west of İzmit, has left behind many provinces of Turkey with its population, economical structure and development graphic. In the south of Derince, there is İzmit gulf. Derince which gained the district status in 1999, has its limits extending towards north, There are many industrial and official organizations in the limits of Derince that have made a name in Turkey. Some of these are; DerincePort, Petrol Ofisi, Shell, Türkkablo, Koruma Tarım, Uzer Makine, Körfez Kimya, Varilsan, Tavas factories.Additionally important public organizations such as Kocaeli Police Department, Solider Hospital, Toprak Mahsulleri Ofisi are also in Derince.

After the connection of neighborhoods Dumlupınar, Deniz, Çenedağ, Sırrıpaşa, Çınarlı, Yenikent, Mersincik, Yavuz Sultan, İbn-i Sina, Fatih to Derince, Karagöllü, Terziler, Çavufllu, Tahtalı, Geredeli and Kaflıkçı neighborhood units were also connected to Derince after it became a district. It is a settlement area mentioned as "Çınar Çayır" in the Ottoman period and in I. Selim period it was registered as Çınarlı Village. Together with the effective and fast developing industrialization, it has received intensive migration, by developing with its rapidly increasing population it has become a district on 09 December 1999. Derince district's name has an interesting story: in 1890, a place was searched with a deep shore to establish a port, and the authorize determine the place where today's port is located as the deepest point. The place is then called 'Derince Port' (meaning deep in Turkish) due to its dept. In the year 2000 when it turned into a district this pleasant place was also given the same name. Whenthe construction of the port started, many workers were given employment. Therefore high number of people come to the region to work in the construction of port. Before the port started its activity in 1904, the migrations of the workers continued and the workers started slowly setting up their houses in Derince. Therefore Derince which received migrations from Balkans, Caucasus and Crimean almost since 1887, started to develop and expand rapidly. In 1936 a land for thirty houses were given to people migrating from Romania to Turkey. With the immigrants establishing their homes, Derince which was connected to Çınarlı village became an independent neighborhood unit in 1952. Derince was a neighborhood of İzmit, in this period. Derince which developed with the establishment of industry on the gulf shores, and with population rapidly increasing, was separated into four neighborhoods on 27 May 1960. Historical Çenesuyu played an important part in Derince becoming famous. Çenesuyu became the subject of poems with its delicious taste in 1860's and is a healing spring water which is identified with Derince.