Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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New district municipality was formed under the name “Kartepe” by joining 10 municipalities on the east of İzmit. The mountain where no trees grew after a certain height was called 'Keltepe' in the past then its name changed in 'Kartepe'. The most important part of Kartepe district is that it is equipped with natural beauties. Kartepe which is the most visitor attracting winter tourism center, after Uluda€ in Marmara region, resembles a heaven reflected in the world, with its plateaus, canyons, and with the 20 degree healing waters in addition to its winter tourism. At the same time, there are picnic areas and salmon restaurants around the waterfalls formed by the brook which is born in Maflukiye, in the woods. Kartepe which is located in south east of Kocaeli is 1606 m. high. It is an important part of the region from the point of mountain tourism, in the city, and in addition to winter sports it is also a recreation spot. When serving foreign and domestic tourists who come to ski with the chair lift lines in Kartepe with the construction of cable car, the region's becoming a tourism center in every meaning of the word is targeted. Kartepe district consists of
settlement units, and each and every one of these are old municipalities: Maşukiye, Suadiye, Büyük Derbent, Eşme, Uzuntarla, Uzunçiftlik, Köseköy, Akmese, Sarımese, Acısu and Arslanbey.