Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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It is known that Basiskele and its vicinity were settled about from 3000 BC. Came from Megara, a city of old Greece, looking for a settlement to live. The group founded town of Astakoz in the place of present Basiskele. After devastating caused by an eartquake the people living in the area had to migrate to Nicomedia. Later on Başiskele region was referred to with Bythinia. The region was controlled by the Seljuks after having conquered by them 1078. However, soon after the first Crusade region came under Byzantine domination again. In the reign of Sultan Orhan the region was reconcuered by the Ottomans and came under Turkish domination definitely and was improved. The region is an important rest place for the passagers. The natural life in the region was secured by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli by supplying the passagers with accommodation places and the region was defined as wetland area.

Basiskele is also a place where nature-friendly people engage in activities. The passagers are observed in the shores of Bafliskele. Beşkayalar Nature Park, the valley where Soğukdere and Sıcakdere is united reach Yuvacık Dam. There is a rich flora around the Dam. At the same time canyon in the area is an important place for trekking lovers.