Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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Darıca takes its name from the Darıca Fortress, which is located 200 m away in the North. The walls that is known as “Tararion” in history were used against the attacks made from outside in Byzantine period. Although the town came under domination of the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate for a short time it was occuppied again by Crusade attacks. The name of Tararion Fortress changed into Daritzion Fortress in Byzantine period and when it was captured by Ottomans after the battle of Pelakanon in 1329 its name changed again: Darıca Kalesi. In his travel book (Seyahatname)
Çelebi Evliya mentions Darıca as “Darıca”. In the republic period the name of “Darıca” took place of “Darıca” in colloquial language. After the defeat of Sultan Bayezid I, the Thunderbolt, by Timur in Ankara War (1402) the fight for the throne of six sons gave raise to “Fetret” (Interregnum) and Süleyman Çelebi, prince, gave Gebze, Hereke, Eskihisar