Tarih: 3 Kasım, 2017
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The original name of Çayırova (known as Güzeltepe) is Akse village. Population of Çayırova has been substantially increased with the improvement in industry. Rapid urbanization gave way to be a Municipality in 1992. The name of Güzeltepe Municipality was changed on the order of State Council into Çayırova Municipality in recent times. It has been experienced a dense migration to Çayırova from the various regions of Anatolia together with the rapid industrilization after 1985. In Çayırova and its surrounding small-scale agricultiral industries are widespread. Güzeltepe is an industrial region where KOB's (SME's, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) are in densely active.On the other hand, Yapı Kredi Bank Data Processing Center that employes 2000 employees is within the borders of this municipality. There are many plants and industrial managements in the municipality dealing with production of food, glass, iron-steel, chemistry, metal, poliester, fiber, machinery, paper, cable, cleaning, catering, cosmetics etc. Elevation is 80-200 m. Çayırova district is composed of the parts of Yenimahalle and Çayırova quarters that were belong to Gebze earlier placing on the D-100 Highway and Şekerpınar.